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ZAGG sportLEATHER takes HTC EVO out to the ball game


The next time you slam your HTC EVO into a basket, throw it across the field, or swing it with a bat, imagine how much more fun it would be if your phone looked and felt like the sports ball you apparently think it is.

Thanks to ZAGG's trio of sportLEATHER adhesive skins, which cover your EVO's battery door with real leather and geniune textures (right down to the stitching) designed to resemble a basketball, football and baseball, you can finally prove once and for all that geeks really can play sports.




All you need to give up is $29.99, your EVO, and your dignity.

Yeah, I'd say ZAGG should've stopped after the LEATHERskins or at least made the product fit the phone better before trying to turn it into a ball.

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7 thoughts on “ZAGG sportLEATHER takes HTC EVO out to the ball game

  • I don’t know – I’ve seen some of the ugly skins out there and I think they’ve done a pretty good job of making these look pretty darned authentic. Not sure how much protection they offer (none) – but I think they look pretty cool.

    The football one looks pretty slick.

  • Avatar of benodiktine

    Yeah, I don’t think they offer any protection, strictly for appearance.

    Even thought I’m not a big football fan, I agree about the football skin, looks very cool. It’d be even better, seeing as I’m not a big football fan, if they had it available without the football elements (stitching and black lines around the stitching), just the the bumpy brown skin, that would look really nice.

  • HMMM… I Have a few extra backs, maybe i will get a baseball and football one so i can swap between them… lol. im kinda surprised there is no soccer one… and tennis would be neat with the bright green fuzzy. ha!

  • ouch.. kinda steep on the price, just ordered the Baseball one… BTW

    ZAGG20 discount code for 20%off!!!!!

  • I have one (non-sports) and these are 100% adhesive. Swapping them out does not appear to be an option, at least an easy one, due to the adhesive possibly being less if one does re-apply it. Anyway, I have one for my naked EVO solely to add some slippage protection when placed on smooth surfaces. I keep my EVO in the HTC Messenger Pouch Case when transporting.


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