Camera showdown: XOOM vs. iPad 2

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Even thought the rear camera’s on tablets may not be useful for photography, or much of anything to be honest, might as well see how the 2 stack up. The XOOM is clearly Android’s powerhouse tablet at the moment and with a 5MP camera with a bright dual led-flash, it should run through Apple’s offering pretty handily. However, the i-lineup has always managed pretty decent pictures when compared to the competition, so maybe the iPad 2 will surprise us with it’s camera even though it’s lacking a flash (gotta have a new reason to buy the iPad 3 right?). Let’s shoot on over to find out.

The pictures were all taken in daylight situations in order to keep the playing field level. The lack of a flash in the iPad 2 means it’s pretty much useless when the lights go dim.  The cameras were left on auto mode, and have not been altered in any way. The main image isn’t from any of the tablets, and just stood as a basis shot. The images alternate from XOOM to iPad, and are labeled according to the default settings (XOOM=IMG, iPad=Photo). Let us know which one you guys prefer in the comments below!


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Allen Schmidt

Allen is a former contributing editor at Nothing But Tablets, which was merged with Pocketables in 2012.

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