South Park takes on Apple and the iPad

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The season premiere of South Park aired last night and it takes on both Apple and the iPad itself, making fun of them to no end. Apparently, agreeing to the iTunes terms and conditions means you agree to let apple “sew your mouth to the anus of another iTunes user”, creating a HumancentiPad. They also take a shot at the recent allegations that iOS devices store your location data with clever little remarks that if the police wants to know where people are, they ask Apple. Probably not far off the truth, either statement. Anyways, if you have never seen South Park before, it’s not for people who don’t do well around profanity…or people sh**ting in other people’s mouths. Oh lord….. If you’re in the US you can watch the episode legally at South Park Studios, and if you’re not, well, there are plenty of other sites that will stream the episode if you just Google for watching South Park online.

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