Amazon “fixes” Kindle battery life spec after Nook 2 announcement

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Following the announcement of the Nook 2, Amazon has now “fixed” the battery life spec of the Kindle to match the Nook 2’s rated battery life of 2 months. They have of course not changed anything in the hardware or software, just the specifications on the product page. This is no problem since e-ink battery life isn’t measured the same way other devices are. The screens only use power when you turn the page, so the actual battery life is ridiculously random depending on how often you turn the page, how much you use wireless, how much you use the browser/store etc. Basically what Amazon (and Nook) is doing is state the best case scenario where you only read for a little bit every day, don’t use Wifi etc. It’s not as deceitful as, say, listing the iPad 2’s battery life as “up to 5 years* – *if used as a cutting board” but it’s not far off. Unfortunately, mainstream consumers have no idea about of any of this so Amazon and B&N can feed them all the bullshit they want.

[CNET via Gizmodo]

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One thought on “Amazon “fixes” Kindle battery life spec after Nook 2 announcement

  • Hey my kindle has a better battery thanks to the all mighty and powerful amazon website….all hail amazon!!! and Barca too!!


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