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Android System Info reveals more about HTC EVO than most want to know

Evo-android-sysinfo (1) Although we always like to have the latest and greatest apps on our HTC EVOs, sometimes it's the classic (read: old) ones that are the most useful.

Consider ElectricSheep's Android System Info (free), for example. It was released a little over a year ago, but it's still unparalleled and is just as valuable today as it was back then. It's basically five apps/utilities rolled into one. There's a dashboard for a general overview of basic info (battery, memory, SD card, uptime, etc.), an expandable list of exhaustively detailed system information, a task manager, an app manager where you can manage and even uninstall apps, and system logs (logcat), all neatly presented in separate tabs running along the top.

Some of the features are overkill for average users, who will likely never access the Logs tab after those first out-of-curiosity taps, but there's still plenty of handy, easy-to-understand information for everyone to find value in the app.

Check out some screenshots (click to view them in full size) and grab Android System Info for yourself below.

Evo-android-sysinfo (7) Evo-android-sysinfo (5)

Evo-android-sysinfo (2) Evo-android-sysinfo (3)

Evo-android-sysinfo (4) Evo-android-sysinfo (6)


There's also a a small widget that displays the EVO's remaining battery percentage and the amount of free space left on the SD card and internal memory. Tapping the widget launches the app.

Android System Info isn't new, but it's timeless and something I'd recommend to anyone who waves an Android flag.


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