Hands-on with BlackBerry PlayBook Facebook app


Earlier today, RIM announced that it was going to be releasing a Facebook app for the BlackBerry PlayBook.

I have actually been testing Facebook in the tablet's browser up until this point, and it's been working great. Just like on my laptop browser, I can upload pictures and videos taken with the PlayBook using the web browser.

Even though I enjoy the service this way, I decided to check out the official app since it's brand new. Read my quick impressions below.

After installing the Facebook app on my PlayBook, I was kind of disappointed about how plain it. Yes, you are able to upload pictures and videos right from the app, but it just looks plain and a little boring.

You also can't rotate the app in portrait view; it's stuck in landscape.

The app could definitely use some work. It feels like it was rushed. I'm sure that over time, it will improve with updates but right now I think using Facebook in the web browser is better.


As you can see above, Facebook looks better in the browser. It feels just like it does in your desktop browser, and you can use it in portrait mode as well.

Another plus is that you can view another user's videos without having to leave the page; in the app, playing videos will launch YouTube in a separate tab. The browser also gives you the option to view the video in full screen, which is very nice.

Personally, I think RIM should have released a calendar or contacts app instead of a Facebook app. We can already use the social network perfectly in the browser, so why not give us email, calendar, or contacts first?

Let's just hope that we get some productivity apps soon. The PlayBook is a great device, but users that don't bridge with a BlackBerry phone are still missing key apps. 

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