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HTC showing off EVO 3D with gold camera ring, other small design changes


It's not uncommon for different regional/carrier versions of the same device to sport some unique cosmetic details, but since the HTC EVO 4G is exclusive to the US, we haven't had a chance to see any OEM variants.

That changes with the EVO 3D, a global phone that will be heading to France, the UK, and presumably other countries that haven't been specified/confirmed yet. The device's worldly status is the reason it's included on HTC's worldwide site (where the EVO 4G is excluded), which happens to be where new images of a red-less EVO 3D were first discovered.


Golden-evo-3dThe gold rim around the cameras is the most obvious change, but there's also the addition of "with HTC Sense" below the 2D/3D camera switch, a slightly restyled power button (icon beside button rather than printed on top of it), and the change from "3D HD Imaging" below the camera flash to "3D High Definition Digital Imaging."

Minor modifications, to be sure, but modifications nonetheless.

Whether this is the actual GSM version of the EVO 3D that will be released on every carrier but Sprint remains to be seen. I don't like the color scheme, personally, and think the red is part of what makes the EVO the EVO, but a black and yellow phone would actually be more befitting of Sprint.

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15 thoughts on “HTC showing off EVO 3D with gold camera ring, other small design changes

  • Agreed. Gotta be red if it’s an EVO. I don’t mind the color combo though…looks kinda regal.

  • The gold gives it a more classic look camerawise. I like.

  • The gold color reminds me of an old Buick or something. The red surround makes it look like the superphone that it is.

  • Our phones are better than any I phone , that’s all thats matters to me , no I store ,no i tunes , no block n my SD card , free down loads and all that … when I was growing up , we played with sticks and rocks now I get to read about the higgs bosom, and get instant news fed updates , and weather reports with satellite , and Google out the wahzoo… lol, and u guys argue about who’s 4gs the fastest. Haha ha we live in the future and you don’t even know it ! And oh yea. Watch tron on my EVO , THANKS SPRINT FOR DOING A TERRIFIC JOB AND HOOKING UP WITH HTC , WITH THIS INCREDIBLE PHONE…

  • Avatar of DrizzyGadget

    I just wish they made the phone more sexier like the EVO. But its still a nice phone.

  • Avatar of Bill Mitchell

    Yes, but will it blend?

  • Gold accents?! Really?! I think its looks like crap, classic is not for modern tech like a smart phone, leave that for furniture and silverware…

  • Regardless, there is one big design flaw!!!! AGAIN!!!!!

    I love my EVO but the biggest beeef i have with is the fact that the camera lense scratched easily and was not convenient to use the phone naked.

    Here is the next phone and again the glass is NOT recesed and will get Scratched AGAIN!!!

    this phones are beautiful and s3xy and i want to show it off, not have to cover it with a barely there case like i do now.

  • The black and gold theme remind me of a Duracell battery…

  • Avatar of Abraham V.

    Yes, but you must be wearing your 3D goggles to see the dust.

  • Don’t like the gold. Reminds me of a jeep from the early 90’s with all the gold emblems.

  • I like the Red like our EVOS now and I like how the inside is red and the red battery too. Except I can see red at the bottom where you plug in your phone from me unplugging and plugging in phone so much. It’s just a little red where the blacks scraped off I guess and I see red. I wish they had different colored ones you could choose from. LOL! But it being gold instead of red isn’t going to stop me from buying the phone. LOL!

  • Golden is a rich color.. It’s just a little red where the blacks scraped off I guess and I see red…It is looking nice..Great color combination..


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