iTaste Studio PU leather case for iPad review

itaste1 - for some reason we don't have an alt tag here iTaste Studio is a cheapo brand that sells its products through China-based resellers like Dealextreme. Their PU leather case for the iPad 2 is rather cheap at $19.10 shipped worldwide, unfortunately that is reflected in the quality.

Normally we do case reviews by listing materials, cutouts, functionality etc. However in this case, the case is so bad that I’ll simply list all the reasons why this is a poor excuse for a case.

First off, the design is clearly a ripoff of the official case for the iPad 1. While the materials look a bit better (PU leather on the outside, microfiber on the inside) the advantages stop there. The stitches are very poor some places, the flap that tucks in under the iPad to keep it in place is hard to get in place and overly soft for its job. The typing stand mode works OK, but is also a bit more flimsy that similar solutions.

The biggest issue is the cutouts though, and that’s what makes this case completely useless. Nothing lines up, and it doesn’t even mismatch in the same direction. Camera, home button, orientation lock and microphone are hit the hardest, with the badly placed cutouts rendering some of them semi-useless. I don’t know if they made the case by measuring off a web image or what the deal is, but they can’t possibly had had an actual iPad 2 to try it with.

There really isn’t more to say on the matter after these issues. Cutouts is absolutely essential to get right on a case, or it is 100% trash. This case is just that, thrash. It’s not worth $19.10, heck it’s not worth $1.91.

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