Opera Mini updated for iPad, nothing to write home about

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I guess I should be more patriotic towards Opera, seeing as how it comes from my home country of Norway and all- but I’ve never really had much love for it. Since neither Chrome nor Firefox is available on the iPad though, I still wanted to give it a try now that it was just updated for the iPad. Unfortunately, I still don’t have much good to say about it. The first time I tried loading NBT the app crashed. The second time it loaded the mobile version meant for the iPhone- despite the fact that mobile view was turned off and the fact that the iPad’s original user agent (browser identification) doesn’t even trigger the mobile view. On the bright side, it’s free, so you can head over to iTunes and try it yourself- maybe you’ll have more luck than I did. I for one haven’t quite given up hope of a decent browser with both Xmarks and LastPass built in, but I’m just about to….

[via TUAW]

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