Pantech Vega No.5 hopes to capture tabletphone market

Tabletphones have never really taken off. The idea of cell phone with a large enough screen to make it work somewhat like a tablet is good in theory, but often you end up having something too big for a pocket and too small for real tablet duties. That hasn’t stopped Pantech to develop a new product in the segment, called the Vega No.5. It runs Android 2.3.3 on a 5″ 800×480 screen, has a dual core 1.5Ghz CPU, 8 mega pixel back camera capable of 1080p (plus a front facing camera for video chat), 16GB ROM, 1GB RAM, Wifi and HSPA+.

Looking at the specs, only one thing drags down the overall awesomeness factor; the screen. Let’s face it, with 3.5″ Android phones using those resolutions and 10″ tablets clocking in at 1280×800, you sort of expect 1024×600 in the 5-7″ range (even if Android 2.3 isn’t made for that). Take it from someone who has a 1024×600 pixel 5″ device; that resolution makes all the difference in the world when it comes to web browsing, and doesn’t hurt for video either. Still, a neat looking device. It’s Korea only for now though, and might never make it anywhere else. A pity, really, since this looks like a nice device for those who want an all-in-one device.

[Bodnara via Engadget]

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