Where to find HTC Flyer accessories

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When I purchased my HTC Flyer, I was hoping to pick up some accessories for it. But as is usual with non-Apple devices, the choices were slim. At the time of purchase the only accessories Best Buy had in stock were Screen Coverage invisibleSHIELDs and Magic Pens. I prefer to cover all of my devices in Full Body Easy to Install invisibleSHIELD. Thankfully, Zagg has these in stock and I just ordered one.

Others of course prefer cases but even as of today neither Best Buy nor Best Buy Business have any available. Expansys USA, however, has the HTC Flyer In-Box Pouch available and ready to ship.

  Case (500x237)

It also lists several other cases and a dock for pre-order. Most will ship in early to mid-June. Ebay of course is also an option.

Flyer_Cases (500x397)

I may order the pouch to make it easier to keep track of the pen.

I wish I could simply go to Best Buy and pick one up, but again Best Buy and device manufacturers have failed to deliver good accessory choices for consumers. 

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3 thoughts on “Where to find HTC Flyer accessories

  • My local Best Buy is selling a Rocketfish leather folio for about $50. I bought one last week before my trip to LA, and it’s been serving me well. It looks similar to the one I had for my Galaxy Tab with magnetic closure, slim design, no extra pockets, cut-outs for everything, and one of those flappy things on the inside to keep the unit in place.

    It’s appallingly overprice for a Best Buy in-house brand in my opinion, but it was the only thing that was decent enough to buy at the time. There was also a Rocketfish hard shell case/back in stock, but I wanted something to cover the screen.

    Update 6/13: Don’t buy this case

  • I’ve got mine in an m-edge executive folio case meant for the nook. It even has a little elastic loop inside to hold the pen.


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