Android 3.1 coming to Transformer on Monday, gets AnandTech preview

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Android 3.1 is coming to the Asus EEE Pad Transformer on Monday, bringing some much needed fixes to the device and the OS as a whole. AnandTech got early access to the update, and has done a preview that’s up to the thoroughness standards of that site. In a nutshell, the update fixes some Android issues and some Transformer issues. Most notably is the improved graphics performance, making the UI run smoother. According to Anand, the reason why Honeycomb is rather slow to begin with is that the chipset it uses is meant for cell phones with half the resolution, but are being used in 1280×800 tablets. That makes sense, and while the GPU performance is lower than the iPad 2, such issues on Android’s part proves why the iPad 2 doesn’t have a 1536×2048 display and also makes it somewhat unlikely that the next iPad will have one, at least if that’s due later this year as some rumors state.

Back to the update though, it’s also accompanied by an update to the dock. This allegedly fixes the issue where the dock forgets it’s connected to the tablet, and also includes some general improvements. Seeing as how the Transformer is sold out there should be quite few people out there now who have one, so come Monday there should be many happy campers around the world.

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