Facebook finally releasing iPad optimized app?

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Facebook on the iPad is a funny thing. On a device that has apps for practically anything and official apps for pretty much everything, Facebook users have had to either run the iPhone app in 4x mode or use third part apps. According to the New York Times and their insider sources, that’s about to change in the coming weeks. Apparently they have been working on an iPad app for quite some time and will be releasing it very soon.

Personally I have a rather complicated relationship with Facebook. The only thing more annoying than the ridiculous number of bugs and hiccips on the site is the idiotic privacy system that is a nightmare to keep track of. Unfortunately it’s the most common social network, so if you want to have any contact with family who is too technologically outdated to use anything else you don’t have much of a choice. As such I’ll be happy to see an iPad optimized app at the same time as I wish with all my heart that Facebook has a catastrophic crash that deletes any traces of it from the face of the planet. The current third part apps have some issues and aren’t the most well designed apps I’ve seen, so hopefully Facebook themselves can do a better job.

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