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Adjust 3D alignment for sharper pictures on HTC EVO 3D

If you're enjoying all of the professionally-produced 3D content available on YouTube, as well as stunning self-made 3D video clips, but you are finding your 3D pictures a bit lacking, don't worry: the HTC EVO 3D has a built-in solution, no extra hacking required.

Indeed, one of the most common complaints about photographs taken with the EVO 3D is that some 3D pictures just aren't aligning very well, often causing eye strain and headaches as your eyes fruitlessly attempt to focus on the image displayed on your phone's screen.

If you experience this after taking a picture, simply navigate to the photo in the stock gallery and tap anywhere on the image to bring up additional options. You'll then want to tap what looks like a wand with sparkles, which will bring you to an editing menu.

Next, tap Adjust 3D alignment – the tabs you see on the left and right are what allow you to move the two side-by-side images into closer alignment. Additionally, if you tilt the phone so that you have different viewing angles, it should be easier to see where the two images are currently placed.

You should note that the two cameras take photographs from slightly different perspectives, thus allowing the phone to create a 3D image. Therefore, it will not be possible to get both images to align perfectly. Because of this, the key is to find out where the focus point of the 3D picture is, and then try to align both images to that specific point.

Jerzyiroc has provided some helpful pictures that explain this process in a bit more detail, so be sure to check out that tutorial if you need more guidance.

Now, once you have aligned your 3D pictures a bit better, you should notice that not only do your photographs appear sharper, but your eyes will experience less strain and will thank you for that later. Hopefully this process will become more automated in a future update, but at least HTC gave us the ability to use this tool when needed. Happy editing!

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