Apple forces eBook apps to remove links to out-of-app book stores

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It appears to have been a bit too long since last time Apple did something to give Apple haters even more of a reason to stay away, so they decided it was time to start chasing down those eBook apps that dared link to outside book stores. Apple has given notice about this before and has now started whacking those who don’t follow their rules with a baseball bat. As a result, eBook reader apps like Amazon’s Kindle app now have updates that do little but remove that horribly little button that is the source of all evil. Err…

Truth is of course that Apple’s reason to have this rule is to force publishers to sell using the in-app purchase system. That way it’s easier for consumers and all that. And Apple gets 30% of the cut, but that’s just a unfortunate side effect that had no impact on the decision to do this. Of course you can still buy books for your various eBook services on the web, you just have to find out where the stores are yourself.

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One thought on “Apple forces eBook apps to remove links to out-of-app book stores

  • Yeah, with saw the update for the iphone, and but haven’t done it yet. Oh well I guess we will have to go the way of the browser to get our books.


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