Dell announces SyncUp and Stage Remote for Streak 5 and 7

image from pocketables.comRecently, Dell has announced two new software packages for the Streak 5 and 7, SyncUp and Stage Remote. Both are made to help enhance your digital media experience.

SyncUp is a Dropbox-type solution that gives you "all-access to your photos, music and videos anytime, anywhere" on your Streak tablet.

In my fifteen minutes of using SyncUp, I found it to be very similar to the previously mentioned Dropbox but with greater potential of being better integrated into the Dell Streak devices through software updates, etc. If properly integrated, it could work as well as Apple's upcoming iCloud.

With the installation of SyncUp on your Streak 5, Streak 7, and/or your PC, you will be given 2GB of free storage in the cloud from Nero and Dell to store some of your music, videos, and photos. But if 2GB isn't enough, you can increase your storage space to 5GB, 25GB, or 100GB for $19.99, $49.99, or $149.99, respectively.

Also announced was Dell Stage Remote, which is supposed to "transform your smartphone or tablet into a remote control" for your Stage-enabled PC, which is currently the Dell Inspiron One 2305 and Inspiron Duo. Stage Remote app allows you to control your Stage multimedia experience similar to what the Remote app for iOS does with the Apple TV.

Unfortunately, I have an HP laptop so I don't have access to Dell Stage and can't use the new app at all. But if you can, then you can grab the app from the links below.


SyncUp QR Code

Links: Market (Streak)Market (web)

Stage Remote

image from

Links: Market (Streak)Market (web)

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