Lightning Review: Weber’s On The Grill for iPad

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It’s well into the summer months (for most of us) and what better way to get things going outdoors than a nice cookout? Weber, the company that makes grills, seasonings, cookbooks and more, came out recently with their new iPad app to give our taste buds a jump start. It’s $5 in the app store, is it worth the price of admission? Let’s find out.

What is it?

The On the Grill iPad app from Weber is basically a cookbook with thousands of recipes for the local grill master. Not only that, it has a built in timer for a countdown when grilling (which is a must). Weber also decided to include a helpful grilling guide that lets you input the type of meat/vegetable/fruit and then also input the approximate thickness (of the steak for example) which in turn gives you the amount of time to grill the item. There are several different how-to guides as well as a grocery shopping list that can be built from the recipes you pick out. No more second guessing at the store on what you need.

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The Good

As is typical with most iOS apps, the entire thing is gorgeous. From start to finish, Weber has really done a great job. Pictures on the main screen which look like decoration are clickable. Everything is simple, subtle and elegant even. I can browse or search through recipes easier and quicker than looking for apps in the iTunes App Store. Pictures are detailed, beautiful and colorful as well. And probably the most important aspect, the recipes are very good. You can have your pick from Black Thai Burgers to a Cola-Marinated Rib Eye, and Grilled Bananas. Oh, and you can email the recipes to your favorite family member who thinks they are the king of the grill (which we all know better).

The Not so Good

Frankly I can’t find anything I dislike. The concept is simple and easy with nothing that’s turned me off yet. Everything works smoothly, easily and this is really one of the few times I have nothing to really bring to the table to critique.

The Bottom Line

It’s a dead simple, smooth, and beautiful cookbook app that gives you everything you need to light the charcoal briquettes for a measly $5. Heck, a normal cookbook costs 3-5x that much and doesn’t bring you any new or updated recipes. All the recipes come from Weber’s long history of grill mastership, and will surely provide you with something new any night of the week.

Where to Buy

Pick it up in the iTunes App Store for $5, and no need to tell ’em Allen sent ya!


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2 thoughts on “Lightning Review: Weber’s On The Grill for iPad

  • This would be a great app to get, currently im using the grill it! app but it doesn’t have a timmer, for that I use the omaha steak app. happy grilling

  • As a Weber fan, I’m looking to buy this app for some time now but unfortunately it’s only available in the US iTunes store.
    Anyone any solution to that?
    Please Weber, launch this internationaly!


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