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Play retro games on HTC EVO with Yongzh's emulators available free for two weeks

N64oid As a huge gamer, I can thank Yongzh for his hard work to put classic gaming emulators on my HTC EVO devices. Yongzh made some noise when his whole line of emulators were pulled from the Android Market, which left many to wonder where their status as someone who donated was heading.

Well today and for the next two weeks, Yongzh has teamed up with SlideMe to release his latest versions of all his apps for free. It was decided to help say thank you for the support and also not to leave donators high and dry since the apps were pulled. N64oid is still a pay app as it was never formally launched on the Android Market and currently sells for $3.99 on SlideMe.

Yongzh first made waves with his line of emulators that allow HTC EVO users to play games from Super Nintendo, Sega Genesis, Nintendo Entertainment System, Gameboy Advanced, and many other classic systems from the 8-bit and 16-bit eras of gaming.

Now remember this is a grey area to many in terms of proper use and legality so please respect everyone's fun and do not discuss or share links to rom images or sites in the comments. Feel free to discuss some of the great games these programs might allow you to play such as a personal all time favorite, Landstalker on the Sega Genesis.

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