Judge in Australia halts sales of Samsung Galaxy 10.1 because of Apple lawsuit

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It turns out that mimicking your competitors isn’t a good thing. Of course unless you’re Steve Jobs in the 1980’s. Samsung (and Android OEM’s) seem to be finding this out the hard way.

As we should all know by now, Apple is taking their competition to the courtroom a lot these days. Apple has just won an agreement against Samsung that will not allow the South Korean tech giant to sell their newest Android tablet, the Galaxy Tab 10.1, in Australia until a patent lawsuit gets settled. According to the lawsuit filing, Apple says that Samsung infringes on 10 Apple patents as well as copies the “look and feel” of the iPad and its touchscreen technology.

The agreement could hurt Apple in the end though. If Samsung wins the patent lawsuit, Apple has agreed to pay Samsung damages. This could be extremely high because Samsung would be losing out on exposure (they can’t advertise until lawsuit is resolved) as well as sales.

This will be an important lawsuit from both sides. Apple and Microsoft have already won several lawsuits against Android OEM’s. Microsoft collects $5-$12.50 from various OEMs that use Android, and Apple has been pretty vigilent about going after Android OEMs as well. It’ll be interesting to see how this turns out.

For Googles take on all this, hit this link.


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One thought on “Judge in Australia halts sales of Samsung Galaxy 10.1 because of Apple lawsuit

  • Avatar of Stuart Cope

    This is frustrating – Usually we are saved from all that sort of crap that happens with patents (i.e. usually it all happens in the States first)…. I don’t understand why Apple would want Samsung to stop selling the Tab in Australia any who, it’s not like Australia is that big of a market.


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