Kickstarter spotlight: Stylusist

Whenever you see someone with a notepad and pen, it’s likely that they’ll store the pen by sliding the little clip onto a few pages. With a tablet you lose that ability as there’s no part thin enough to slide a pen type pocket clip onto. I made a simple tool to fix this once myself, and others have gone the magnetic route to keep a stylus close. Perhaps the most elegant (and simple) solution so far however comes in form of the Stylusist project on Kickstarter. It’s a plastic clip-on accessory for the iPad that adds a storage clip for a stylus with a diameter of 8.5mm. While that excludes what I consider the best stylus out there, the AluPen, it should work with the 9mm/diameter Wacom Bamboo Stylus. It’s designed to work with those generic styli like the Griffin Stylus, so those will at the very least work well.

The people behind the project is offering a “pay what you want” option for the first 500 backers, which means you could get one as cheap as $1. So far 26 people have pledged a rather poor average of $4 each which will never get the project to its $500 pledge goal, but hopefully some more generous people will come along and help the project along.


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