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Take on massive mech battles on your HTC EVO in Destroy Gunners SP


I have always had a soft spot for games involving giant mechs, and Destroy Gunners by Shade Inc. brings console mecha loving action to your HTC EVO in a big way.

Destroy Gunners is definitely a higher quality title and it better be considering the commanding $10.33 price tag it carries in its SP incarnation. Now do not be scared off just yet, as there is Destroy Gunners F, which is free to download and gives players a great sense of what the game is about without having to financially commit immediately.

The game comes in as a straight up "blast everything to hell" type of mech game. Very much inspired by the Armored Core and Mech Warrior series with a hint of Dynasty Warriors, Destroy Gunners puts you in a mech and lets you wreak havoc against the waves of enemies. There are no guises of a story here; the game is built around pure combat. While there are missions, other than to destroy everything as fast and as skillfully as possible there isn't much variety. But for what it lacks in variety it makes up for in polished presentation and controls. Heed my words, mecha junkies are sure to love this game.


The control scheme may seem strange at first but it is built around giving you the options to move how a giant robot would but with precision and grace. The digital d-pad focuses on forward, back, and strafing actions while the arrows on the right provide turning when not using the reticule. Weapons can be selected and changed depending on the situation with options such as missiles, machine guns, massive cannons, and even melee attacks. Now you do have limited ammo but as you destroy enemies, they will drop ammunition as well as health and energy to power those melee attacks and your jet packs. 


One big difference between the F and SP versions of the game is some of the button layout but also the ability to customize your mech in the SP version. As players progress through missions, they will unlock new parts and weapons for their mech that they can then select to take into the fight. This is where the game really shines as it allows you to fight the way you want to fight.

Check out the clip below to really get a taste of how this game moves in real time, and I am pretty sure you will agree that it looks like some fast, mech loving action.


Destroy Gunners SP is a great game but definitely has a large price tag that is off-putting. I recommend you try the F version first and see if you really feel like committing that much moola to the fight against the mechanical hordes.


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