Verizon rep issues official line about Samsung Droid Charge issue

Droid_charge_blue_screen Are you an owner of the Droid Charge? Are you also a person who seriously dislikes wasting $300 on a phone that gives you a screen like the one to the left? If you said yes to those questions, then you might want to get your tissue boxes ready. 

If you can think back all the way to the end of June, you'll remember my initial Droid Charge blue screen issue post. Many of you have commented on that post, letting me know that you've all experienced the same thing as me. You've also all expressed your disappointment in spending an insane amount of money for a device on contract, only to have its seemingly-awesome display turn blue. 

Here's where those tissues will come in handy. Unfortunately, I haven't any fantastic news to tell you, other than what you probably already know about Verizon's return policy.

Michelle Gilbert, Verizon's Public Relations Manager for the states of Michigan, Indiana, and Kentucky, issued the following statement to me to forward on to you, the Pocketables reader, after we had discussed this issue and she had launched an internal investigation to try to figure it out: 

“This is not an issue that has been widely reported by our customers. Any customer who has an issue with a Verizon Wireless phone is encouraged to bring it back to their local Verizon Wireless store for analysis. All of our phones are under warranty against manufacturer defects for one year.”

If you'd like something more than just a warranty replacement, I suggest you take it up with Verizon's customer support. If enough of you report it, you might get something done. Until then, this is obviously something that will affect my final review very much.

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