Atari to release arcade controller for iPad

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Arcade gaming on the iPad might seem like a niche, but it’s actually rather popular. Right now the iCade is the way to play arcade games on the tablet, and support for the accessory has steadily increased over the last few months to where you can now enjoy quite a few games with the thing. Atari’s Greatest Hits is one of the supported apps, but just supporting an existing peripheral doesn’t seem to be enough for Atari as it’s now releasing its own arcade game peripheral.

The Atari Arcade Duo Powered Joystick is basically just a differently shaped iCade with a lower price ($60 vs $100) and a much lower compatibility with apps (but that might change). They do have the distribution channels to make it sell though, at least in the US, so it will probably end up outselling the iCade. Dvice got their hands on one and don’t seem overly impressed, but it really comes down to what one likes playing. I never really got the appeal of retro games, while others can’t get enough of it. It’s an interesting accessory either way, just not very original – and I thin most people would agree the iCade looks roughly 100 times cooler.


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