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Dolphin Browser Mini helps you view webpages in desktop view on stock HTC EVO

Dolphmini Let's face it. A lot of people like that stock feel on their HTC EVO. Even me, an admitted fan of AOSP, has been using (and loving) stock Sense for the past few months. But, I have one complaint: my university's email service.

Now you're probably thinking, "What the hell does Oregon State's email service have to do with your OG EVO?" Well, due to the tedious steps necessary to set "ONID" up in the stock email app and the fact that I am a flash-a-holic (so my email apps data keeps getting cleared), I have to use the web browser to check my email. 

Unfortunately, the website only works on desktop computers (i.e., its mobile version does not work).

Sure, there are many sites out there (Facebook, Google, etc.) that let you easily switch between mobile and desktop versions of their site. There are also many custom ROMs out there that have a user-agent mode built-in to the stock browser. But what about those of us with Sense 2.3.3? Nothing!

Unless you download Dolphin Browser Mini, that is.

Dolphin Browser HD is a bad ass web browser; it could replace the stock browser in a heartbeat, even if it gives your email address away sometimes.

But if you are like me and use the stock browser 99% of the time, then the Mini version is exactly what you need. 


In Mini, hit MENU > Toolbox > User Agent > Desktop. Now, whatever site you were trying to (and failing to) run in the stock browser should work just fine in Dolphin Browser Mini. This works on much more than my school's email service, by the way. 

If you find yourself needing to view the desktop version of a site and you can't get it to load on the stock browser, be sure to check out Dolphin Browser Mini, which is free in the Android Market. 


Links: Market (EVO) | Market (web)

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