Narwal Freo X Plus introduces a tangle free main brush in a small footprint vac

The Narwal Freo X Plus is a new puck robo vac from Narwal that brings something new to the table: “Guaranteed 0% tangle rate with pet fur and long hair up to 16 inches.”

Narwal Freo X Plus stock image

Right now I am in the process of testing and reviewing the Narwal Freo X Plus. Unfortunately, or fortunately, I don’t have a whole lot of hair or filthy floors to really give it a good short turnaround review (it was received last week). A real review is going to come later when it’s been used and exposed to a real environment. Consider this marketing for the review rather than an endorsement.

If like me most of your interactions with your robot vacuum involve taking a knife and removing hair from a large lump that used to be the brush, you’ll know what a difference this could make.

The Narwal Freo X Plus appears to be a more self-contained version of the Freo X Ultra with a minimalist docking station and slightly less suction, however having not reviewed that one I can’t go line by line comparing them.

7800pa suction tops the charts in terms of tiny but mighty suction, although as we’ve discussed previously that it’s airflow that counts more than suction power. Both really, but we’ll see.

It packs nearly two months of onboard dust and waste storage, a removable disposable storage bag, and claims to be able to avoid bumping into things utilizing multiple LiDAR systems to do so.

Like my beloved Rhonda, it has an intelligent lifting mop that will lift a third of an inch so that it doesn’t drag smelly mop water across your rug.

The software looks cool… at least in the previews. Reminds me a bit of the Xaomi/Roborock software and I wonder if they aren’t the same thing (this is how early I am in testing this).

Anyway, I will have a review when I have it tested. The Narwal Freo X Plus looks like a pet-lover’s dream, but so have many other vacuums I’ve tested before that made this claim. We’ll see how it fairs against two shorthaired cats and three longhaired humans.

There is / was an early bird discount using code NARWALNEW001. I am assuming this was on their website.

The Narwal Freo X Plus should be releasing on Amazon today, and also on Narwal’s website. I’m posting this after the embargo hour and neither link is showing in stock or orderable.

Reviews from Vine (Amazon’s free review program) tend to indicate it’s currently well loved, however these are first week reviews of free product and I highly doubt anyone can give this a thorough review until they’ve lived with it a bit.

Narwal Freo X Plus specs

all specs lifted from press sheet / formatted like I receive them
Input power36W
Output power65W
Power supplyIn-built lithium-ion battery
Battery capacity5200mAh
Running timeVacuum and Mop: 1.7H
Vacuum: 3H
Mop: 3H
Charging time<3H
Clean water tank280mL
Dust bin800mL
Dust bag1L, disposable
Base StationDimension275*118*137mm
Input power65W (rated) 40W (actual)
Output power36W
Power supply100-240V~50/60Hz
Robot – CleaningMax suction power7800 Pa
Roller brushZero-tangling Floating Brush(*SGS zero-tangling certification)
Carpet recognitionIntelligent carpet recognition
Allowed carpet pile length<8mm
Dust collectionDust collection in the robot
Holds 7 weeks of dust
U-pipe design and hair compression
MopFlat mop pad
Downward pressure6N
Mop lift height8mm
Mopping areaMax 450m2
Mopping modeVacuum and Mop or Vacuum then Mop
Even mop wetting through four outlets
Noise levelVacuuming: 61dB
Mopping: 50dB
Vacuum and Mop: 62dB
Dust collection: 71dB
Obstacle climbing height≤20mm threshold with a round edge (5mm)
Robot – IntelligenceNavigation and obstacle avoidanceLDS laser navigation + dual-laser obstacle avoidance
MapQuick mapping: 150m2 in 10 minutes
Maps for multiple floors
3D map
Furniture managementD42
No-Go ZonesSet No-Go Zone in App
Intelligent CleaningFreo Advice
Button interactionsA total of three buttons (reset/start/recall)
for user-robot interaction
Intelligent carpet cleaningIntelligent carpet cleaning
The robot can automatically recognize hard floors and carpets of high pile and low pile, and take different cleaning strategies accordingly
Voice assistantSiri  
OthersCleaning report after a cleaning task is completed

Anyhow, I expect to have a rundown of how it fares against a whole lot of hair shortly.

Have started the running review of the unit here

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