Fusion Garage’s Grid 10 up for pre-order

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The new Grid 10 tablet from Fusion Garage looks to be inching closer to end users as a pre-order page goes up live today. This is great news and all, but even better is the $299 price point for a 16GB tablet. Another $100 will let you roam the country over 3G, though a wireless partner has yet to be announced. Orders will begin shipping in the beginning of October, so we really don’t have long to wait.

The concept for the Grid 10 is pretty fascinating. The UI is like nothing we have seen before, and some early hands on time around the web show that Fusion Garage has done a pretty excellent job this time around. Of course nothing really matters until reviewers and consumers get some real time with it and get to put it through the grind. From my end though, it looks pretty solid and FG has really put themselves out. I hope it lives up to expectations and can at least show us what a different take on the tablet industry is all about.

[Fusion Garage via Engadget]


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