Future Dell Streaks could run a 2.5GHz Snapdragon processor

Qualcomm_Snapdragon_Logo Last week Qualcomm previewed its 2012 roadmap for its mobile Snapdragon processors, the crowning jewel of which is the S4 class CPU with a clock speed up to 2.5GHz. These chips will be available in single, dual, and quad-core models, and be capable of running next-generation Adreno graphics, as well as 1080P video and 3D. In comparison, Dell's current Streak 5 is powered by a S1 class 1GHz processor, while the S2 1.5Ghz chip is what is currently found inside HTC's EVO 3D and Thunderbolt.

The new chips are also remarkably smaller, coming in at a staggering 28nm, compared with the current iteration, which is closer to 65nm. These switches to a multi-core and smaller profile will also improve battery life significantly.   

The new chips are set for shipment to manufacturers before year's end, and we should expect to see these hitting consumer devices by Q1 2012. This would fall right in line for a Dell Streak refresh at Mobile World Congress in February! With dual-core processors becoming almost universally standard on modern smartphones and tablets, I think we should expect to see this upgrade if Dell plans to stay competitive in the market.

So if the Opus One really does make an appearance early next year, maybe we'll these new CPUs running under the hood.  What do you think our chances are of seeing one of these bad boys powering our next gen Streaks?

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Jon Jones

Jon Jones is a former contributing editor at StreakSmart, which was merged into Pocketables in 2012.

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