iLuv WorkStation series turns your iPad into a desktop computer

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We’ve spent the last couple of decades trying to make computers as small and portable as possible. Now that we have, it’s time to find a way to make them stationary again. Wait, what?

In all seriousness, the two new docks in the WorkStation series from iLuv aren’t as counter intuitive as you would think. The two docks have tiltable holders for the iPad, built in speakers, and a physical keyboard – wired for the iMM737 and wireless for the iMM517. In short, they add computer speakers and a keyboard to your iPad in a very stationary fashion. While this is likely not what most people would consider a must-have accessory, think of the people who now have an iPad as their very first ever computer. This is perfect for sitting down to write something, video chat, use as a music system etc. You still get the ease of use of iOS and the option to take it out and use s a tablet, but it also extends the iPad’s usefulness in situations where it’s the only computer.

These two docks plus some more traditional (/boring) folio style keyboard cases will be available between now and November, with a price range of $50-$180. I’m guessing the keyboard cases are at the lower end of that range and these two are at the upper end.


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