Anomaly Warzone Earth HD is tower defense with the tables turned

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Tower defense games are extremely popular. Your task is to build “towers” with different abilities that defend against a stream of incoming invaders, where the towers can be anything from monkeys (Bloons TD) to plants (Plants vs Zombies) and actual towers. In Anomaly Warzone Earth, the tables have been turned. Aliens have invaded Earth and set up towers all over the place, and you have to navigate your convoy to take them out and do missions. Unlike the attacking force in tower defense games though, you most definitely do not have a constant stream of units to throw at the enemy. You have to save up cash and expand your convoy up to 6 units, upgrade those, and keep them alive using a variety of tools that are airdropped in when you kill enemies. These tools include smokescreens, decoys and repair packages, and you have to deploy these intelligently as well as plan a route that e.g. puts you behind the huge enemies that only fire in one direction or swings you by some mineral deposits that help your monetary situation. The graphics look a bit like if you were watching Call of Duty maps from above, and are generally very polished.

The game has gotten a lot of praise since it was released and with good reason. The game mechanics make sense and because the game is mission based you get a sense of progress that you simply don’t get with tower defense games. At $1.99 it’s definitely a must have game and well worth it if you like tower defense games or even strategy games in general.


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