Minecrafting has never been as fun as on the Dell Streak 7


If you like playing games on your computer, then you have probably heard about Minecraft by the indie developers over at Mojang. 

It's an incredible game with a simple premise: you play as Minecraft Steve, and you gather many different materials to build a building so you don't get attacked by Creepers, Endermen, Skeletons, or Spiders. That's what makes me love the desktop version of Minecraft so much. 

But Mojang wanted to get into the mobile space, too. The Pocket Edition of Minecraft is out, and I got the free version first. I haven't upgraded, though. You might be wondering why such a fan of games on his Dell Streak 7 and Minecraft in general wouldn't shell out the $6.99 for the full version, so you should just read on to find out.


Playing Minecraft Pocket Edition is the same thing as playing Creation mode on the desktop, although there are way less materials and items here (and even less on the Free version.) You also get an on-screen d-pad to move "Steve?" around, and a button inside the four directional buttons to jump. 

You can build just about anything you want, just like on the desktop version. Just don't worry about taking your time. The sun in the sky doesn't move. That's why I like Survival mode on the PC so much, and why I wish there was an option to play it on the mobile edition. The lack of monsters (on top of simply having every item available to you at all times) makes the game not so fun. 


It's still a fantastic time waster, though. Running on my Streak 7 with its NVIDIA Tegra 2, frame rates were always fast and gameplay was as smooth as silk. And that was with all the graphics settings cranked on high. 

Still, the gameplay itself isn't all that great. There isn't any challenge here; just build and marvel at your masterpiece. 

If you still want to check it out, here are the links. But I'd say don't waste your time yet. I'm sure it will be updated and made better soon. 


Links: Market (Streak) | Market (web) 

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