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SiMi Folder Widget is the coolest way to add folders to your homescreen

SimimainMy first foray into the smartdevice world was an iPod touch.

I was 19, my parents didn't want to upgrade their plan I was on, and I had no intentions of being in charge of my own contract. So, I got an iPod touch for Christmas. When iOS4 came out, the folders I could place my apps in was extraordinary. When I got my first Android device (a Droid Eris), I hoped that the Android folders could compete with the iOS folders. 

They didn't.

And that was Eclair, Android 2.1. My EVOs officially run Gingerbread, Android 2.3, now (that's two updates later) and the folders still don't impress. They're straight awkward and clunky.

Luckily, though, I recently found a fix in the way of a free application called SiMi Folder Widget. 

The purpose of this app is to give you a folder on your home screen that actually looks good and functions well.

SiMi Folder Widget is quite simple; although unfortunately, it is not intuitive. 

The folder system isn't the easiest to set up. Native Android folders and iOS folders are easier to get running (you just have to drop an app into the folder). However, with some configuration, SiMi can have your home screen looking sexy in no time. 

When you enter the app, go to Folders > then make a new folder. You want to select an Apps folder (most likely). Then, you can add all the apps you want to include in the folder. You can also choose custom icons and customize the way the folder looks on your home screen. 

Simi1 Simi2
Simi3 Simi4

If you're sick of clunky Android folders on your home screen and want a sexy alternative: SiMi Folder Widget is the way to go.

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