Samsung is dealt a blow in the Galaxy Tab 10.1 case in Australia

Samsung v Apple - for some reason we don't have an alt tag hereWell, it looks like Apple is one step closer to what they want. The Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 is being blocked from sale in Australia, with Apple claiming that the device infringes on some of their patents. The 10.1 is not allowed to be sold in Australia until after the court case regarding the patent infringement ends, the NSW Federal Court has ruled. Beforehand, Samsung had only agreed to not sell or advertise the device in Australia, until a decision was made by the courts on whether to block sale of the device for the duration of the court case, which was requested by Apple. Although only a minor win for Apple, it is a major blow for Samsung as the next court case may take many months, impacting on the Christmas sales.

This comes not long after Germany has blocked the sale of the 10.1, and also Samsung’s announcement that it would try and stop the sale of the iPhone 4s in parts of Europe. It looks like a rocky road ahead for the two companies, one that is paved with lawsuits.

[The Australian]

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