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Tiamat 1.1.0 kernel out for rooted HTC EVO 3Ds


Tiamat kernel offerings span across many brands of phones, but the EVO kernels became somewhat of a legend on AOSP ROMs on the EVO 4G. There have been a couple of offerings for the EVO 3D previously, but 1.1.0 is the first that works with both AOSP and Sense-based ROMs.

I just finished up a fairly long run (for me) with Tiamat 1.1.0 Sense kernel, and on my phone it ran pretty smoothly, ate about as much power as the stock kernel did, and seemed a bit less twitchy when waking up than anything else I've tried.

As with other Tiamat kernels, this one offers your ROM or configuration program a host of CPU governor options (OnDemand, Conservative, Interactive, Performance, UserSpace, PowerSave, Smartass2, and LagFree) to balance between a powerful performance and power-saving endeavor. For I/O schedulers, you have the ability to pick from Deadline, NOOP, CFQ, BFQ, SIO, or VR. 

If you're looking for a kernel that can do a flamboyant hat dance around the stock HTC kernel, this is a very good start. It flashes painlessly with Flash Image GUI, or can be flashed from normal recovery on S-OFF unlocked phones.

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