$199 Kobo Vox now available

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The $199 Kobo Vox tablet is now available to buy, a few weeks after it was officially announced. $199 gives you a tablet that is in a whole other league from the $400+ Honeycomb tablets, both in software and hardware. The CPU is 800Mhz single core, which isn’t exactly fast, but on the plus side it only has to power Android 2.3, which isn’t actually a tablet OS but the mobile phone version of Android. The display is 7 inches and has a 1024 x 600 resolution, which isn’t bad. Neither is the 7 hour promised battery life or the 8GB internal storage expandable with normal SD cards.

In a nutshell, the Kobo Vox is the less tied down version of the Amazon Kindle Fire. It’s still made by an ebook distributor, but without depending fully on proprietary services. Still, no Android Market access is a big downer – and the fact that it’s only sold to the US and Canada is perhaps the single biggest let down since the US-only nature of the Fire is what makes that thing uninteresting for the biggest tablet market in the world, aka NOT the US.


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