Dell Streak 10 Pro now has HDMI and USB-host ports, thanks to Dell accessory


Last week, we reviewed the Dell Streak 10 Pro. We found it to be overpriced for what it was, since it's currently only available in China, and there wasn't even HDMI or USB-host ports to be found on its aluminum body. 

Thankfully, though, accessories are available for pretty much anything a user would want. Dell has come out with a breakout box for the Streak 10 Pro that adds HDMI and USB ports, and can be plugged directly into the proprietary connector on the device itself. 

But Dell didn't simply stop there. The other tablets in the Streak line have been able to connect to a multimedia dock, which made for a pleasurable viewing experience on both your television and the table next to it, where your dock and tablet would sit. Since the Streak 10 Pro rocks a different proprietary connector than the other Streaks, the existing dock wouldn't work. 

Dell is eliminating this problem by pushing out a Streak 10 Pro case that emulates a stand. When used in conjunction with the breakout box, your 10-inch tablet will essentially be on a dock. 

The box costs roughly $47, while the case is approximately $31. 

Below the break is a picture of the case.

Screen Shot 2011-11-17 at 4.13.31 PM

[Dell Streak 10 Pro breakout box, case] Thanks, TheManii!

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5 thoughts on “Dell Streak 10 Pro now has HDMI and USB-host ports, thanks to Dell accessory

  • This is a 40 pin connector. But dell streak 5 & 7 uses 30 PIN connector. So its really no use

  • Thats because the Streak 10 Pro uses a 40-pin connector, not the 30-pin like the Streak 5 and 7, which is why they made this.

  • Agreed…and thats what I’m saying as most of the readers are 5&7 users and none of us use streak 10…this article is no use to us :(

  • Avatar of Sir-getto

    is there somebody that knows where to buy the docking station in Spain?


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