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Protect your sensitive apps with Visidon AppLock Plus

One of the biggest new features that is coming soon in Ice Cream Sandwich is the ability to protect one's phone with integrated facial recognition software. However, since we don't know for sure if or when all of our HTC EVOs will be getting this latest version of Android, we turned to the next best thing in order to get something similar up and running on our devices: a third party app.

As a matter of fact, we already told you about this particular app, Visidon AppLock, a few months ago. However, I thought that this app was worth revisiting again because of some features that have been added to the pro version for added peace of mind.

To recap, the free version a very cool security app that allows you to protect any and all apps on your phone using facial recognition capabilities.

Basically, it works like this: when you open the app for the first time, you'll be prompted to create a back-up password in case facial recognition just doesn't work for you. Then, you'll have to "train" your phone by allowing it to analyze your face, preferably in different lighting conditions and in different areas. Finally, you'll be able to select which apps you want to protect from a list of all installed apps on your phone – this includes both apps you download (like Google Voice, Facebook, etc.) and system apps that come preinstalled (Gmail, Settings, Messages, etc.).

However, for just $1.99, you can now get an app that includes no ads and gives you extra alternative unlocking methods, haptic feedback, a liveness detector to guard against photograph spoofing, and an experimental lockscreen feature. This last feature has the potential to really go the extra mile in protecting our EVOs, as well as truly bring an ICS-only feature to our Gingerbread-loving devices. 

The developers have been hard at work, constantly improving the app since day one. So even though the lockscreen feature is experimental at this point, you can rest assured that it will work flawlessly in no time.


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