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Visidon AppLock locks down apps on HTC EVO using face recognition

VisidonFor anybody that read my last article involving locking applications on the HTC EVO… you may think I'm more than a tad paranoid with my second app locking article in a month. Let me explain myself.

Visidon AppLock does something different than Smart App Protector Free (the locking program used in my last article): face recognition!

I had to check a calendar to make sure it was still 2011 when I saw this feature. I looked down at my EVO and said, "I didn't know your cool front-facing camera could do that." 

Visidon AppLock easily lets EVO users select apps to be locked requiring face recognition to open the app. 

Visidon qr Make sure you go to Settings in the app and go to "Face recognition." From there, you can calibrate Visidon AppLock to recognize you (I would recommend doing this many times in different lighting schemes). Once you have the settings configured and selected some apps (some suggestions: Email, Gallery, Messages), you simply have to open a locked app and wait for your EVO to recognize your face. If someone else tries to open a locked app: Visidon AppLock will stop the unauthorized user. 

The app barely works in low light and definitely needs to add face recognition into the lock screen in the future. However, Visidon AppLock is definitely worth a try. Go grab it from the Android Market for free.

Links: Market (EVO) | Market (web)

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