SplashTop’s XDisplay turns your iPad into a second computer monitor

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We love SplashTop here at NBT. There initial app, named the same as the company, is far from alone in the SplashTop universe these days and one of the other apps the company makes is XDisplay. Whereas SplashTop proper provides a remote PC system for your computer, XDisplay adds to the existing display and lets you use your iPad as a second monitor. It uses the same PC side streamer app as the rest of the SplashTop family, so all you need if you already use SplashTop is the XDisplay app.

Having a second display on a computer is very valuable, even if it’s just a 1024 x 768 pixel one. The main reason why I still use my laptop as much as I do is that it’s connected to a 24-inch monitor, which adds to the existing 13-inch display on the laptop itself and gives me a dual screen setup. That’s invaluable for things like document editing where you need multiple documents open, playing video on one display while working/surfing/whatever on the other, etc. Whenever I travel and bring my laptop with me I can’t help but feel that it’s a pretty pointless device when it’s a single screen system, and that’s the sort of situation where XDisplay is great. Assuming you have local WiFi, simply opening the app and connecting to your computer gives you that magical second display to work with.

The app itself is free but comes with a 10 minute limitation. Call it a trial for what the software can really do, so that you know if it’s worth upgrading to the full version via an in-app purchase. The normal price is $10, but right now they’re letting you have it for $5. If you already have an iPad, that is without a doubt one of the cheapest ways you can add a second monitor to your computer setup. No Android version though, and that’s rubbing Android users the wrong way on their support pages as this is a useful app from a company that has proven that they can make nice software.


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