Kindle Fire gets Cyanogenmod, Ice Cream Sandwich

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The Amazon Kindle Fire is many developers’ favorite new toy these days. The $199 price of the US-only device has made it a popular choice for a lot of people, and as a result it’s seeming a lot of love in the custom ROM community. Cyanogenmod 7 became available a few days ago courtesy of an XDA Developers forum member, giving the Fire a more fully fledged version of Android. Most of the OS is working fine, with the exception of audio. There are also some issues with navigating ClockworkMod Recovery utility, the software that is used to install these ROMs, as the Fire doesn’t have volume buttons to use for navigation when in recovery mode.

The Fire has also been made to run Ice Cream Sandwich by another XDA Developers forum member. That port is further off, missing functionality like audio, WiFi, acceleometer and light sensor right now. Given a bit more time I’ve sure a fully working version will be released, making the Fire even more up-to-date.

It was rather inevitable that the Fire would get all of this, though Amazon has tried to stop it through firmware updates. Amazon is said to be selling the Fire at a loss in order to make up the money on digital content, so it’s obviously not very interested in providing hardware for software that doesn’t bring any cash. While you might get some of the software to work, the streaming service will for instance not work at all on a rooted device. Obviously, this also breaks any warranty that you have from Amazon if something were to go very very wrong.

[XDA via Google+Reader” target=”_blank”>Liliputing (CM7) | XDA via Google+Reader” target=”_blank”>Liliputing (ICS)]

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