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Review: Ballistic HC (Hard Core) series case for HTC EVO 3D

Ballistic-hc-evo3dThis guest post was written by Wayne Tugwell.

Over the last couple of years, I've been very careful in protecting my HTC EVO 4G. Only after trying several different versions and brands of various cases, I finally found Ballistic's HC (Hard Core) series case for the EVO 4G. My phone fit great then, and now that I've got an EVO 3D, I still want that same level of protection.

Once I received my EVO 3D, I didn't think twice about getting the Ballistic HC series case again, so I was a little bummed when I couldn't get it right away. Of course, when a new device comes out, it takes some time to design and manufacture the cases to go along with it.

So now that it's finally available, here are my thoughts.


Ballistic boasts that this case offers five layers of advanced protection, an integrated screen protector and holster, a rotating belt-clip, built-in water resistant mesh over the speakers, and drop protection in every corner.

There are a few things good and a couple no-so-good things that I also want to point out:


  • Slim design, especially for a such heavy impact-resistant case
  • Many layers of protection, and even a durable outer impact-resistant gel skin
  • Includes a screen protector, which protects the main display area



  • The holster is not as secure as I'd like. For example, it can accidentally be released based on how it's tilted on belt.
  • Dust can get inside when you don't have the final layer with access doors on.

But even with those very minor issues, I'd still five it 5 out of 5 Stars.

The Ballistic HC series case is regularly $49.99 but is out of stock on Ballistic's website. You can also find it on Amazon for the much lower price of $27.94

This guest post was written by Wayne Tugwell.

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16 thoughts on “Review: Ballistic HC (Hard Core) series case for HTC EVO 3D

  • Avatar of silendt

    the device pictured on the Amazon page, as well as the device pictured at the top is the Ballistic Shell Gel case… I’m curious though, did they end up keeping the kickstand in the final design? If so, what can you tell me about it? Is it sturdy? Well balanced? Can it flip sides?

  • Avatar of silendt

    by that I mean is there a kickstand on the actual Hard Core case, not the Shell Gel…?

  • Good catch… Ive removed the image, but cant seem to find one for the HC series case. Hmmm.

  • The case cost as much as they were selling the phone for yesterday.

  • Avatar of Wayne Tugwell

    I am going to jump in and say the kickstand is there, It is the same design if not slimmer and you would be able to pop it back on if you happened to pop it off. as for pictures i could try to get you a better picture of the actual product.

  • It looks nice but a boo bit too bulky for me.I do miss my kickstand though.

  • Avatar of silendt

    I have an OB Defender, and my problems are threefold:
    First, the incessant creaking every time I move the phone in my hand… I spoke with OtterBox customer service who, as we know, are top notch, and they didn’t disappoint. They told me that creaking is not a common problem and that they’d mail me a warranty replacement. A few weeks later and it’s creaking like an old boat dock again. According to anyone who I talk to on the phone, this is very annoying.
    Second, the protection on the sides is so steep that I lose access to the left and right edges of my keyboard. Pressing the Q, P, backspace, enter, and shift keys have become surgical maneuvers.
    Thirdly, the screen protector. there is a gap between where the screen protector ends and the top edge begins, which collects dust, dirt, and face oils… pretty gross. The screen protector also has extreme static from the inside, and putting the phone back in the case without sandwiching a screenful of dust is impossible.
    Wayne, maybe you can tell me if these are problems common to the HC case? Ever since Ballistic posted the mockup of the new case, I was intrigued, but didn’t want to hold out for 6 months with no protection on my phone… Is it worth spending an extra 25 bucks for peace of mind that’s actually comfortable?

  • Avatar of Steve Gaudreau

    That kickstand just may have me put my OB defender away.

  • The dust is not a huge issue, way better than the OB, however some will enter the screen if you are in a very dusty area, That is if you dont use the outer gel that they have told me that will keep it all out. very please over other brands worth the dollars.

  • The dust is not a huge issue, way better than the OB, however some will enter the screen if you are in a very dusty area, That is if you dont use the outer gel that they have told me that will keep it all out. very please over other brands worth the dollars

  • Avatar of Bill Mitchell

    Word to the wise. If you choose this type of case your phone will be HUGE. If having a brick in your pocket doesn’t bother you get it.

  • Not a very thorough review.

  • Avatar of Wayne

    Yea but it is new however, I would let others try it and give their points of view as well, Having a Brick is your personal preference. If you are an industry professional you will appreciate having it on your belt in the inluded holster, if your concerned about having it in your pocket then you should look otherwise. its about ruggedness over comfort.

  • Avatar of Umar Abid

    This is not out in the uk what a shame can not find it anywhere


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