Improve your Dell Streak 5’s battery life with this 2430mAh battery [Updated]


If you're unhappy with your Dell Streak 5's battery life, and haven't pulled the trigger on either standard or incredibly massive third party batteries, I give you an eBay posting that's just what you're looking for. 

The 5-inch Streak comes with a 1530mAh battery inside. Although it's not a really big battery by any standards (especially when you consider that it's giving power to a 5-inch screen and some power-thirsty components), Dell does allow owners to open their devices up and swap batteries if they need to. 

Like I said at the beginning of the post, there have been a few third party attempts and battery replacements for the Streak 5, but unfortunately, they were either the same size as the original or way too big to fit in the device. A company called Ecell is offering a Streak 5 battery with almost 1000mAh of extra capacity for just $21.35 and completely free shipping, which puts it in the middle of the two aforementioned batteries. 

The link to the eBay posting is right below. Let us know if you'll be pulling the trigger!

Update: As filotti pointed out in the comments, this Ecell company might not be the most reliable. This post and this post are from xda-forums, where people are complaining about it.

[eBay] Thanks, Bill!

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7 thoughts on “Improve your Dell Streak 5’s battery life with this 2430mAh battery [Updated]

  • It’s such a rarity to find a retailer in the UK that doesn’t sell their goods in the UK at the same price in £ as they sell in $ I.e $21.95 & £21.95. I just snapped 1 of these batteries up. And I might just get myself a 2nd as a spare

  • Avatar of Jeremy

    well figures i bought one before i read any comments so I will let you guys know how I fare.

  • Avatar of Jamie

    I’ll second that.

    Lots of bad reviews – if you read the trader’s ebay comments it speaks for itself.

    Re-badged normal batteries…

  • I own this battery and I definitely see an increase in battery life. Worth $21.

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