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No, no one hacked the site and edited the title. The iZuck is, despite its name, quite the clever little accessory for, well, everything flat. It’s essentially a door knob-like rubber ball with a suction cup on the end. Read on for a very, very short review.

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It’s nice.

In all seriousness, there isn’t all that much to say about this thing. It’s a rubber knob that you stick to the back of a tablet, smartphone, or similar device in order to use it as a stand. It’s as simple as it gets, but it works, so why not. The stand functionality is dependent on how big the device is, as there’s a limit to how large a device it can prop up without falling short and turning into a nice little bump that your tablet can fall over instead. 7-inch Kindle Fire or Galaxy Tab 7.0 Plus, yes, iPad 2, no.

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While stand functionality is this device’s actual purpose, it’s frankly more useful as a makeshift handle for tablets. Stick this to the back of an iPad or other tablet and you have something that can help you hold it with one hand. The suction cup is passive, meaning there’s no lever to tighten it, which means that it isn’t secure enough for me to trust hanging something off it. For holding e.g. an iPad flat in your hand without it sliding off, however, it’s perfect.

Then to the downside. This is a fairly hard to find little thing. Here in Norway (and, I assume, Sweden and Finlands, which also have the same store chain) you can find it at Teknikmagasinet for the equivalent of about $5. Dirt cheap and definitely a no brainer, in other words. I haven’t been able to find this on any international online store however, which is a shame. A Kickstarter project called HandAble tried something similar a while back, but failed to get funding.

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