Samsung shows video of what may be the Galaxy S III

The Samsung Galaxy S II series contains some of the most popular and best devices of 2011, and the smartphones are still among the best devices currently available. So, it is not surprising that when a mysterious device was spotted in one of Samsung's keynote videos, people began to speculate that it was a teaser for the Galaxy S III.

What you see above is the image that has caused all this speculation. While it does look a lot like the Galaxy S II, it does have a few noticeable style differences. It appears thinner, the screen looks bigger, and the bezel is definitely smaller. However, this is almost certainly a render, as the corners of the display appear rounded and not angular. 

Still, it could be Samsung's concept for the Galaxy S III that slipped in by accident, or even a purposeful plant to get us talking about the device. A more interesting prospect for me is that it is a new Galaxy Note, something else that has been rumored to be coming soon.

Whatever model it is, chances are it will have some impressive specs. Some are projecting a Tegra 3 for Samsung's new smartphones, but the company's own 2GHz dual-core Exynos seems to be a more probably choice. As far as the display, an HD 720p resolution seems probable, as well as the inclusion of some type of Super AMOLED technology. Rounding out the spec sheet would likely be 1.5 or 2GB of RAM, and a high-resolution 10 or 12MP camera. 

Hopefully this image is a deliberate sign that an awesome new device is coming soon, but even if it's not Samsung is sure to have something big to announce this year, whether it is the Galaxy S III, Note II, or even something else.

To see the video in question for yourself, head on past the break.

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