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Astro File Manager introduces public beta of cloud backup service

2012-01-17_08-13-39Whether you want to  install "unsupported" apps, back up your apps, or even just browse files, Astro File Manager is pretty sweet. 

And recently, it got even sweeter. The latest beta version of the app offers a complete revamp of the user interface (which looks much better) and offers a great new service: cloud backup. 

The first component of this new feature is regular file backup. You select the files you want to backup (say, your pictures) and they are all uploaded to Astro's servers. These can be accessed at anytime. 

The second is a cloud trash can. Normally, when you start digging through your Android phone with a file manager, you can delete files – but then they're gone forever. With the cloud trash can, all files deleted using Astro are actually sent to the cloud. This means that accidental deletions can be restored. 

The only downside to the new service is that the backups are currently limited to 200MB, but hopefully this will increase soon. 


The first step to backing up your files is to get an Astro account. Then using the provided link or the QR code, you can download the latest Astro File Manager beta.

Cloud2 Once you've installed the new app and checked out the new UI, select File Manager from the options on the splash screen.

By clicking on Cloud or the status bar notification, you will be prompted with a screen that helps you log in to your newly created account. At this point, you are logged in and ready to backup!

To backup something, you simply have to long-press a file or folder. Many options will pop up, but you obviously want to select Backup. After waiting a bit for the file to upload to ASTRO's servers, you will be available to view it from the Cloud > Files menu. Below, I have walked through the steps to backup my DCIM folder (where pictures are located). 

Now on to the ability to save your deleted files. Unfortunately, I can't quite get it to work on my HTC EVO 4G, but it should be as simple as  a long-press > Delete. Then, Cloud > Trash to view the deleted files. 

2012-01-17_07-31-08 2012-01-17_07-32-05

2012-01-17_07-39-35 2012-01-17_07-46-27

Astro really has itself a great service here and I personally cannot wait to see what kind of updates will be coming in the future.

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Sam Sarsten is a former contributing editor at Good and EVO, which was merged with Pocketables in 2012.

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4 thoughts on “Astro File Manager introduces public beta of cloud backup service

  • There’s a few alternatives to this already, namely apps that backup stuff like pictures to Dropbox (my free Dropbox account is up to 19GB so it’s very handy as a pic/video dump bin). Always nice to have options tho!

  • Avatar of Big Tea

    I can’t get it to work on my EVO 4G either! If someone does, please pass the goods… Thanks in advanced…

  • I totally agree about Dropbox, that’s a great app and I use it all the time. But just like you said, options are always a plus!

  • Avatar of ChumbleSpuzz

    SugarSync is another good one.


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