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2012 is certainly shaping up to be an exciting year for tablets, as details surrounding Windows 8 are released and Asus attempts to bridge the gap between phones and tablets. Subscribers in North America should also be very pleased to hear that the Samsung Galaxy Note is on its way soon to carriers in the US and Canada! And how would you like to take your tablet swimming? If you’re intrigued, be sure to check out this week’s podcast.

00:51 – Windows Phone 8 details begin to emerge
05:34 – ARM-based Windows 8 devices to have restricted desktop experience?
08:44 – AMD talks about its 2012-2013 lineup of tablet chips
09:47 – Grid tablet bag lets you take your tablet swimming
12:09 – Is it a phone? Is it a tablet? It’s the Asus Padfone!
14:40 – Google is hiring a Bouncer for Android
16:27 – Android fragmentation issues slowly improving, according to study
18:38 – The Samsung Galaxy Note is coming to AT&T on February 19; Telus, Bell, and Rogers on V-Day
19:56 – HTC admits to previous WiFi vulnerability in HTC EVO 4G and EVO 3D
23:20 – Sprint gives LightSquared six weeks to get its sh*t together

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News from around the CrowdGather Gadget Network


Early details about Windows Phone 8 have begun to emerge, which will merge Microsoft’s phone and desktop operating systems, significantly improving the already-great mobile OS. We’ve created a Windows Phone 8 feature list to track all of the announcements, rumors, and myths about the update. In Android news, recent studies have shown that fragmentation is decreasing, and the Samsung Galaxy Note is coming to AT&T, Telus, Bell, and Rogers in just two weeks.


Sony’s SA-NS500 portable speakers offer good sound quality and eight hours of battery life in an eye-catching design. Support for DLNA, Airplay, and Sony Party Streaming should make it easy to share your music around the house, but the device is plagued by some bugs, including networking issues. Still, we think Sony has a compelling, yet somewhat overpriced, product. In other news, the company has also announced the B170 series of media players.

Good and EVO

Last week on G&E, we gave you a few more tips on how to preserve the battery life on your EVO device, we showed you how to get Hulu Plus working on your EVO View 4G tablet, and we compiled a list of useful mods you can apply over the latest OTA update on your rooted EVO 3D. Also, be sure to check out how you might be able to get an extra $100 from Sprint during your next upgrade. And what’s Barack Obama doing with this EVO 3D?

Nothing But Tablets

After a year of uncertainty, the Asus Padfone has finally been given a release date. The peculiar phone/tablet hybrid will support ICS, so be sure to check out what makes ICS great for tablets. But before you take the dive and buy your next tablet, be sure to check out the waterproof Grid tablet bag. And finally, Google has announced its very own bouncer, which protects your Android devices from malicious apps in the Android Market.


It’s only February, and RIM has already gone through a lot in 2012. The company replaced its co-CEOs with one, but he still seems to have the same mindset as the previous guys. So what’s RIM to do in the situation it’s in? Read our take to find out. Also, AMD talked briefly about its 2012-2013 lineup of tablet chips that will help the company compete against ARM processors in Windows 8, which – as it turns out – may restrict the desktop experience.


While Dell isn’t selling the Streak 7 (or Streak 5) anymore, that doesn’t mean the Texas-based company doesn’t want to capitalize on the tablets that are already out there. This week, it did just that by selling two accessories for the larger Streak: The first is a Bluetooth Logitech keyboard and stand combo for $64.99, and the other is the Otterbox Defender case, which is actually on clearance for just $20.

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