Denison WiRC adds camera and mobile device control to RC vehicles

There are a lot of mobile device controlled vehicles out there, but they’re mostly cheap, IR controlled toys. The Denison WiRC is a conversion kit for the more expensive RC vehicles out there, adding a camera and WiFi to an RC vehicle, allowing it to be controlled from a smartphone or tablet (iOS supported now, Android coming).

The $179 price for just the kit underscores what part of the market this targets, and while running around with an iPad to control an RC device might not appeal to everyone in that segment, the camera functionality might. The specifications state that up to two USB cameras can be used, and microphone input and speaker output functionality is under development. This is very much a DIY kind of kit, but if used right, you can have yourself a remote controlled robot in no time. The WiFi control system does have a somewhat limited range, but at the same time it doesn’t require any adapters or anything to plug into the mobile device.


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Andreas Ødegård

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