Samsung teases Galaxy Note Super Bowl ad


Normally, teasers are reserved for new television episodes or series and new movies. But the smartphone manufacturers of the world don't own studios (aside from Sony), and probably aren't interested in making the next Family Guy. Instead, they spend their media money on ads. Or, you know, teasers for those ads. 

The video you see above is a teaser for Samsung's Galaxy Note Super Bowl ad that will premiere Sunday at some point during the Super Bowl. It's very similar what all of Samsung's recent iOS-mocking ads are: poking fun at all of the limitations of Apple's devices. 

The one technology-related advertisement during the Super Bowl that comes to my mind is Apple's 1984; instead of focusing on specs, that ad was centered around the rebellious people of that era who didn't want to fall in line with the rest of society. But today's society is a little different, and I think that tying comedy together with technology will certainly make this ad a memorable one, and hopefully, a successful one. 

Samsung has a huge market to address with its ad. 111 million people watched the Super Bowl last year; just think about the support the Galaxy Note would get with all of those people being owners! And even better than that would be the potential for more phoneblets just like it.

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    In Norway it’s considered very bad form to name competitors at all in advertisement. Unfortunately there wasn’t a Norwegian Empire to spread our culture around the world recently ;)


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