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Sprint announces new 4G LTE cities, boasts big subscriber gains

BaltimoreSprint announced its quarterly earnings yesterday, and despite a $1.3 billion net loss, actually had some good news: in addition to adding 1.6 million subscribers in Q4 2011 (Sprint's biggest quarterly subscriber gain since 2005), Sprint also posted its first year of positive adjusted operating income ($5.1 billion for all of 2011). So while that initial $1.3 billion doesn't look very good, it's really not as bad as it seems.

So what's Sprint going to do with those extra earnings?

Well, it's going to add Baltimore and Kansas city to the list of cities launching LTE and enhanced 3G in mid-2012, which already include Atlanta, Dallas, Houston, and San Antonio. If you remember, Baltimore was the first city in which Sprint's 4G WiMAX was officially launched, so it does have some historical significance. And Kansas City is practically Sprint's backyard, so it makes sense to get LTE up and running there, too.

It's certainly an exciting time to be a Sprint customer!

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14 thoughts on “Sprint announces new 4G LTE cities, boasts big subscriber gains

  • C’mon baby! Keep announcing new cities and please let it be mine soon. I remember when evdo rev-a.was released, my town was one of the first. Oh how the times have changed.

  • I hope my city is soon to get LTE as well. Verizon has had it here for 6 months already.

  • My only gripe with this rollout is that they are giving areas lte that already have wi-max. I know that they are dropping wimax support but that’s not for a few years. They need to spread the love to areas that have never enjoyed any 4G coverage. Either way it’s good news to see additional cities listed.

  • And let’s drop most coverage for Oklahoma and Kansas while we’re at it! Oh, and still no 4G! Enjoy roaming all the time! Needless to say, I’ll be switching carriers as soon as I can.

  • Don’t they have a major problem with lightsquared getting LTE even approved?

  • Avatar of waazzupppp

    That’s why Sprint has to accelerate their roll out. They had planned on either Clear or LightSquared to do the heavy lifting and just give up some spectrum for them to use, but Clear doesn’t have the cash and LightSquared got completely busted and shutdown (for the moment) by the FCC. It’s a mess…

  • Avatar of waazzupppp

    It really isn’t a good time to be a Sprint customer. Early 2013 will be a good time to be a Sprint customer – if the rollout goes smoothly. Look at all the frustrated Verizon users right now. WiMAX may not have been a ‘faster’ technology, nor did it work exceptionally well indoors, but the truth is, Sprint wants in on the new phones – and the world is going LTE.

    You can sugar coat this all you want, but Sprint is charging more, that’s why their ARPU is higher. They are adding more fees and cutting more services (Premier Program, charging existing users more than new ones for devices – even when out of contract, etc…)

    Sprint still lost $1.3 Billion last quarter. Sure, they fancy it up with write-offs and other jargin, but the facts are the facts. Sprint’s spectrum is worth a fortune to others – just like T-Mobile’s was. T-Mobile and Sprint aren’t really that compatible, but adding 30 million post-paid subs to Verizon would sure make that LTE rollout happen quicker. The shareholders will only take the abuse so long (wasn’t it a loss of .43 a share this time?) before they make a deal and sell out.

    Verizon is the obvious beneficiary of this move, and if they agree not to touch the Prepaid subs, Boost, Virgin Mobile, iWireless, etc… I have a feeling that this would slide through the FCC much easier than the AT&T/T-Mobile merger did. Plus, Verizon has the cash to turn Sprint’s spectrum into something useful – rather than a dream like the Network Vision that Sprint really can’t fund.

    Just my 3 cents!

  • Lightsquared was the secondary support for the lte rollout. I know they have a plan b and I’m hoping they can get the ball rolling soon as Lightsquared seems to be dead in the water. I’m debating a move to Verizon but if Sprint releases the nexus sooner than later I’ll sign up for another 2 years considering I’d be paying 40-50 dollars more for half the minutes and tiered data. Verizon is offering double data deal again starting on the 15th.

  • Avatar of devo4g

    I suppose a site dedicated to the HTC Evo product line would not really have any need (or even desire) to mention this, but I noticed at that the Google Nexus S will be coming to Sprint and will support LTE.

  • Avatar of Ernie

    Kansas City what do they think this is the wizard of fucking oz. Read my lips NEW YORK CITY

  • Avatar of Robert542

    With everything that sprint is doing I wouldn’t be surprised if they tack on another $10 a month for LTE service.

  • Sprint’s network is a joke! They were the first to boast a 4G phone and didn’t and still don’t have the network to fully support it. Now they are going LTE and everyone who is still waiting for 4G, myself included, are going to have to continue waiting and dealing with accepting only part of a device’s capability (even though I’m paying for it!) as everything transitions and 4G gets thrown to the wayside.

  • Avatar of kyoatey

    Had Instinct, was a disappointment! Have EVO4G, love it, but live in Phx., no 4G coverage. Paid additional $10 for nothing. 3G here is slower than a dead snail. Sprint is starting LTE where they have had 4G coverage from day one. I can upgrade in July, and would love to have an new EVO with LTE. By mid year there may very well be one. No Sprint LTE in Phx, Bye Bye Sprint…Hello Verizon!


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