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Sprint offers $100 to select customers to get them to stay


In case you've got a spare upgrade that you're dying to use, it might be in your best interest to visit a Sprint store on February 5 and find out if you're eligible for one of Sprint's latest offers: beginning on that day, Sprint will be targeting certain customers that they think are at a high risk of leaving with a $25, $50, or $100 discount on top of the standard upgrade discount.

This offer will last until March 18, and some customers might even be notified of their eligibility through a web banner on Of course, you'll have to sign the standard 2-year contract, but that shouldn't come as any surprise.

Just keep in mind that only certain customers will be eligible, so don't get mad at us when you call Sprint and they turn you down. But in case you are eligible, it might be the perfect time to snag an HTC EVO 3D, or the HTC EVO Design 4G world phone.

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15 thoughts on “Sprint offers $100 to select customers to get them to stay

  • Avatar of jokrdxl

    Sprint is a joke. You get no real value with their service. Everything they say is garbage. The call quality is the worst. The 3g speeds is the weakest and don’t get me started on Wimax. Nothing justifies that 10 premium we all need to pay for having terrible services. The phones never work like they were intended too. I’m out.

  • Good for you. Who cares, more bandwidth for the rest of us. Don’t know what your talking about. Sprint was rated one of the best when it came to call quality and dropped calls. As for value, they are still the lowest for unlimited data, unlimited text, and mobile to mobile. Yes, their 3g is bad now but they are improving it very fast, not to mention when they deploy lte it will be one of the fastest. Also even with the $10 premium they are still lower than verizon and att not to mention the Samsung replenish doesn’t require the $10 charge. If you leave now then that’s your choice. In the coming months its going to be interesting to see how well they handle the improvements. Your comments are a joke. Good riddance to you. I’ll sit here with my evo 3d with improved 3g speeds and laugh! ha ha

  • lol I don’t know about that “more bandwidth for the rest of us” part.. the tower by my house has been having data issues since the 27th of December and Sprint still won’t tell me when it will get fixed. I’ve been getting about 52kbps max.

  • Why would anyone get a new non-LTE phone and be stuck with it for 2 years. Make me this offer when I can buy an LTE phone and I will think about it.

  • Avatar of Tercero

    Sounds like jokrdxl is at high risk for leaving Sprint.

  • Avatar of hidroid

    Exactly my thoughts. It’s another promotion to get rid of wi-max enabled phones. Drop the nexus and I’m all about it.

  • Avatar of Nikejef

    Unfortunately they’ll be praying on common folk that have no idea what LTE or Wimax even are. They’ll be stuck with their shiny new “4G” phone for 2 years and going on the internet asking question about why 4G doesn’t work on their phone now that it has been deployed.

  • Avatar of jokrdxl

    I salute you Jaz. You’re one of those unfortunate folks that do lack common sense. Go ahead and take advantage of this deal then. Make the mistake everyone else did when they upgraded to the wimpy 3g/wimax service. Hog all the 3g space you need, people will be laughing at you for falling for another 2 years on the before network (3g).

  • Yeah, regardless of whether you like Sprint or not, upgrading right now is a big mistake unless you absolutely positively need a new phone right this instant. I switched to Sprint for the EVO 4G when my only other choice (AT&T) had no worthwhile Android phones, and I upgraded to the EVO 3D with my last yearly upgrade… No regrets and no major complaints so far.

    There’s no 4G here in Puerto Rico yet and 3G speeds stink in certain area (even with a strong signal, overcrowded towers I guess), but coverage and voice calls have been fine even when I travel to the US. Now, AT&T recently started rolling out LTE here at the end of last year, if Sprint doesn’t start making major progress with their LTE deployment I’ll certainly consider switching back despite AT&T’s terrible data policies.

    I suspect a lot of people are on the same boat, relatively satisfied with Sprint thus far given what they pay but weary of the future… Make or break time for Sprint. Heck, they aren’t even that much cheaper than the competition anymore, only reason it’s still a good value for me is unlimited data + a higher student discount (23%) than anyone else’s.

  • The best thing about Sprint is the EVO. Unless their next new hot 4G LTE phone is going to be the SUPER-EVO, I’m gone. I can pay through the nose for a crappy Samsung phone with good “specs” on a faster, actually reliable network. I do love how all the new iPhoners are coming in thinking they get “unlimited” data, only to realize (usually after the 15-day return period – ha ha) that Sprint’s 3G network sucks. That iPhone is REALLY cute, though.

  • Avatar of dirty

    I can’t wait till July when my contract is up. More and more I’ve been leaning towards T-Mobile I don’t need unlimited data 2GB is more than enough because I’m on wifi more than on the network plus the choice of phone on Sprint are just awful.

  • Avatar of Patrick

    Do you all live on the cusp of coverage or is it really bad? Maybe you should look at your area and find out who has the best coverage and choose them. Sprint can’t be a wireless data monopoly and nobody would really want that.

    I bet most of the satisfied customers are within a good range coverage.

    I just did a quick test. 3g was at .31 Mbps download and .55 upload. Then I updated my PRL, .94 Mbps down, .42 up.

    What kind of speeds are you getting and what kind of speeds are you expecting out of 3g? Asking since I know 4g expansions is dead.

    I can’t really complain since I am in a 4g coverage area and get 7.7 Mbps down and 1.02 up with only 1 bar of 4g.

  • I wonder if anyone qualifies for these offers. I had an out-of-contract friend go in and check for RMS offers yesterday and there were none. Is there a retentions dept that they can call and suggest they were thinking about giving T-mobile a try?

  • I’m also out of contract and I’m not being offered the discount. At least not online.

  • Avatar of snowdizx

    then cancel your service and shut the F@#k up….. voila… problem solved…


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