USB/BT Joystick Center update adds root-less wireless PS3 controller support

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USB/BT Joystick Center is an app that was mentioned when we showed you how to connect various game controllers to Android devices a few weeks back. Back then it was featured when we did the Xbox 360 controller, but a new update has added a feature that makes it useful for PS3 controllers too; wireless PS3 controller support without root (which the current method of getting a wireless PS3 controller working requires). Don’t get too excited though, you do need a USB port and a special USB Bluetooth adapter. The descriptions says that “you need an USB Bluetooth 2.x EDR+ CSR Dongle (Cambridge Silicon Radio)”, which I read as being a whole range of adapters using that specific chip. If the comments to this dongle are true, it should qualify, though I can’t be certain.

You obviously don’t end up completely without any wires with this method, but such a small USB adapter shouldn’t make much difference – especially if your tablet has a full sized USB port on it. $6 isn’t a bad price to get something like that working, and if you want to avoid root at all cost it’s a nice option. Sixaxis Controller, the before-mentioned root-only app, does have another feature that makes it a better choice in any case, that being touch emulation. With it, you can get practically any game with on-screen buttons working, instead of relying on controller/keyboard support.

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